Ender 5 Plus, SKR1.3 and Factory Screen


The Ender 5 Plus is Creality’s latest large build corexy printer, boasting a print volume of 350x350x400mm. Oddly, it does not ship with the ‘silent’ board, and wow is this thing noisy! Please note – this article includes Amazon Associates links – it cost you nothing more to use these, but helps me fund the …

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SKR1.3, TMC2209 and BLTOUCH with direct Drive

The SKR1.3 board is a cheap entry-level 32 bit board for 3d printing enthusiasts and has the added benefit of being able to run TMC drivers without additional wiring. For this project, I am using the TMC2209 Drivers and will be running the, in UART mode. I will not be using the sensorless homing feature, as at the time of writing this is a little buggy in Marlin 2.0.x

Ender 3 MKS GEN 1.4 Upgrade

In my previous post, I wrote about upgrading the Ender 3 pro to a MKS GEN L board, and TMC2208 drivers configured in UART mode. Since then, I have had issues with instability in the hotend temperatures, leading to long waits before printing would start. After some research, I could see that many other users …

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